International Womens Day

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Today is International Women’s Day – what does it mean for you?

Officially founded in 1911, the movement had its roots in 1908. Coming at the end of large scale industrialisation period, women were starting to protest for working conditions, better pay, and voting rights.
Now, IWD is about gender parity – not just in the western world but all countries and cultures. This years theme is Balance for Better. Balance between genders drives a better working world.

Do you want your daughter to be paid less than her male counterpart even though they are employed at the same level? Even though they have the same qualifications and experience? What can you do about it as a business owner, manager, or employer? Let’s start now to make sure that all our children have the same opportunities and reimbursements as they progress through their careers.

Entrepreneurship is on the rise for women, with many choosing to start their own businesses to create better balance in their lives. However, investment into womens start up businesses is at a lower rate than that for a mens start up. The return rate on investment is substantially higher for womens start up than a mens (78 cents compared to 31 cents ) Source

Let’s encourage our daughters and our sons to be the best they can, be recognised for what they do, and to lead the way into a #BalanceforBetter

It’s not all about employement either, in Australia, 38% of women volunteer compared to 34% of men. Women are more likely to volunteer in community settings such as schools, community groups, and not for profit associations. Men are more likely to volunteer in sporting and recreational activities. source

International Women’s Day is not affiliated with any one organisation, institution, network, or media hub: it is open for all to celebrate. The International Womens Day movement is all year round – keep making those changes that bring balance in your business and community.

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